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AIM USB Rocket Altimeter

The AIM USB provides flight recording and recovery in one, and is used in model rocketry and other novel applications. No data kit is required - just connect directly with USB!  


Purchased the AIM USB and looking for information?

Your AIM USB altimeter includes the ability to have its onboard software (firmware) upgraded by the user from his or her PC. Your altimeter includes the latest firmware available when shipped.

Because software changes can lead to different behaviour, we have to make sure you get the correct manual corrosponding to the firmware loaded onto your device.
We have included everything nescesary for you to get started in a convenient "package". 

Features (AIM USB 3.0)

  • Small footprint (2.76in x 0.99in x 0.6in)! Minimum diameter projects are easier to do!
  • You can use any power source from 6v to 12v, including small batteries like a 12V A23 or a single cell 3.7v LiPo. Low current draw (14 mAh).
  • Maximum altitude in excess of 38,615 ft MSL with one foot resoultion. Least square apogee detection.
  • Record an unlimited number of flights totaling just over 30 minutes. Unlimited flight recording. Records altitude, continuity, battery voltage, and temperature data at 0.1 second intervals in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Battery voltage, continuity, and free memory pre-flight checks.
  • Beep-out of the altitude on recovery in imperial or metric units.
  • Pyro events are recorded - very useful for debugging!
  • Two 6 amp pyro channels.
  • Ejection settings (includes user specified time delays)
    • Apogee
    • Time
    • Accent altitude
    • Decent altitude
    • Peak velocity / motor burn-out (great for staging and air starting)
    • Adjustable line firing time (can be used to control electric motors, etc).
  • User updateable firmware. No need to send it back to the supplier.
  • Component free underside for easier mounting.
  • Free custom designed software for downloading flight data and changing settings using your PC. Completely self powered when connected to your PC (no battery needed).
  • No data kit required - connect directly to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable (not included).

Firmware and software upgrades

Please download the latest "package" for your device using the links below. If you don't know your "boot loader" version, just select the latest version and the software will tell you if you have an older boot loader. If you desire an older version please select one from the list below:


Settings Download Flight
AIM USB settings AIM USB download  AIM USB flight 
The AIM USB has many settings which can all be modified using the software. This image shows the download screen, where data can be downloaded, viewed and saved. Here you can see the data downloaded from the altimeter. Velocity is calculated based on the slope of the altitude graph. You can also see when the ejection lines were activated (red and blue bars).


This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 July, 2012.
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