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Close Proximity Recovery3000 (CPR3K) System 2.1"

What is CPR3000? The most complete Close Proximity Recovery System ever!
No need to purchase separate ejection systems, external safety switch, or drogue chute! Also includes a 16 page, fully illustrated, comprehensive assembly and user manual. These systems are perfect for retro-fitting into your existing rockets or for incorporating into your new designs.

Heres what you get:

  • Complete altimeter bay assembly.
  • Complete Threaded Airframe Coupler assembly made from 6061 aluminum with a blue anodized finish.
  • All mounting hardware for the PML Co-Pilot or Transolve P6 altimeter. Mounts for Transolve P5 or P4 and Adept ALTS-25 altimeters sold separately below as CPR2K-FAM and -AAM.
  • One set of fore and aft altimeter mount sealing O-rings provided; see CPR3K-OR-PK below for more information.
  • Two complete ejection systems including charge canisters and holders. (Designed for E-matches. Charge cylinders for flash bulbs sold separately.)
  • Dual piston systems.
  • Drogue chute (or streamer) with tubular nylon shock cord.
  • External safety switch and lead wires.
  • 16-page fully illustrated comprehensive assembly and user manual.

A: A small, yet very robust (rated at 6 amps) external safety switch is mounted to the airframe in the area between the two centering rings. 
B: The CPR-3k system can be installed into any 2.1" through 3.9" airframe by simply using the appropriate centering rings and airframe coupler (included).
C:The soft vinyl charge cap fits snugly over the charge cylinder. No need for tape. They are inexpensive and will be sold by the dozen. (4) are included with the kit. 
D:The charge cylinder snaps firmly into the charge holder and will not require tape to hold it. This design is intended to be used with electric matches and BP and can be re-used indefinitely. Optional Charge Cylinders are available for flash bulb use. 
E:The mounts are designed specifically for the new PML Co-Pilot and the Transolve P6 altimeters. Optional mounts are available for the Transolve P5 or P4 and Adept ALTS-25 altimeters. Some re-work of the mounts may be needed for other brand altimeters. Contact the altimeter manufacturer for assistance in fitting their product to CPR3000. One set of fore and aft altimeter mount O-rings provided; see CPR3K-OR-PK below for more information.
: This coupler adds a little strength to the joint but primarily acts to align the IDs of the two airframe sections. 
G: The precision machined, aluminum threaded airframe coupler screws over the threaded sleeve to lock the airframes together and holds the altimeter/charge assembly within the altimeter tube. 

 Click here for the CPR Retrofit instructions in PDF format; 17.7Mb

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 29 November, 2009.
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