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AIM XTRA GPS Flight Computer

The AIM XTRA 2.0 is a complete GPS deployment and tracking altimeter incorporating a RF transmitter along with additional sensors for a complete telemetry system. Transmissions to 30km line of sight with an accuracy of approx 10m using the AIM BASE radio receiver. With a Yagi antenna connected to the AIM BASE, over 100km tracking range is possible! 

The AIM XTRA makes use of an advanced Swiss engineered avionics GPS (uBlox Max-8Q) for precision airborne location tracking. GPS co-ordinates are stored onboard flash memory, as well as being transmitted to a ground base station (AIM BASE) which connects via USB to a PC, laptop or even a net book.

That's just the beginning... The XTRA includes a pressure sensor capable to 100,000 feet which allows for exceedingly accurate altitude readings. In addition, a two axis 105g linear accelerometer is included for vertical movement characterization along with an onboard triple axis 16g accelerometer which adds resolution and accuracy vertically, while providing you exceptional lateral acceleration data. The GPS, accelerometers, and pressure sensor work together using Kalman filter technology to provide outstanding vertical accuracy and resolution data.

Additional sensors include a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer. These are currently used to ascertain and provide roll rate data. An onboard temperature sensor is also included.

There are four high current (40 amps continuous) input/output channels available which may be software configured to fire for any duration using multiple triggers (altitude, apogee, velocity). These output channels may also be software configured as input channels so you can sample external sensors such as thermocouples or pressure transducers.

Data sample rates are user controllable and is stored in non-volatile flash memory (4Mb). All this information is relayed in real-time to your PC via the highly sensitive AIM BASE receiver. The AIM XTRA includes a powerful (50mW) digitalized synthesized transceiver operating in the 432 to 435 MHz band using one of 256 user selectable channels. Note that if the transmitter is activated (via software) a Technicians License is required for use.

Best of all: it's so easy to use! The AIM XTRA is fully USB compatible. It doesn't use translators which emulate RS232. This really is a fully "Plug and Play" solution.

Purchased the AIM XTRA and looking for information?

Your AIM XTRA includes the ability to have its onboard software (firmware) upgraded by the user from his or her PC. Your altimeter includes the latest firmware available when shipped.

Because software changes can lead to different behavior, we have to make sure you get the correct manual corresponding to the firmware loaded onto your device.
We have included everything necessary for you to get started in a convenient "package".

Key features (AIM XTRA/BASE 2.0)

    • Kalman filtered GPS ejection!
    • Swiss engineered aeronautical GPS (uBlox Max-8Q)
    • 100,000 ft barometric sensor
    • 105g linear accelerometer
    • 16g triple axis accelerometer
    • 3 axis 2000 degree/second gyroscope
    • 3 axis magnetometer
    • Up to four 40 amp (continuous) outputs (software selectable)
    • Up to four auxiliary inputs (software selectable)
    • Configurable on-time for all ejection lines
    • High sample rates (> 100/s)
    • 4 MB non-volatile flash memory included (enough for hours of data)
    • Ejection settings
    • 50mW 432 to 435 MHz digitally synthesized transceiver
    • >30km tracking range with AIM BASE receiver (LOS) using provided antennas!
    • Two helical antennas included (medium and short) for the AIM XTRA
    • One Quarter wave antenna included for the AIM BASE
    • 100% USB connectivity - no drivers needed!
    • No data kit required - connect directly to the altimeter with a mini-USB cable (not included).
    • Free custom designed software for downloading data and changing settings.
    • XTRA Dimensions: 4.315"L x 1.185"W x 0.6"D without antennas, 6”L with short antenna, and 10.9”L with long antenna
    • Recommended battery: 3.7V 1000mAh LiPo which provides approximately 10 hours of operation. Use of a separate battery for pyro activation is recommended based on ignition requirements.
    • BASE Dimensions: 3.15"L x 1.58"W x 0.79"D without the antenna, 10"L when the antenna is attached.

Take a look at these flights if you are still not convinced that this is the best GPS altimeter on the market!

Firmware and software upgrades

Please download the latest "package" for your device using the links below. If you dont know your "boot loader" version, just select the latest version and the software will tell you if you have an older boot loader. If you desire an older version please select one from the list below:

Download the manual!


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 03 July, 2012.
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